Chase Security Monitoring

Chase Security uses multiple monitoring stations throughout the country. Our base station is in Burnaby and there are 3 more stations across Canada.

Why does this matter?

If there was a major disaster event effecting one station then the signals will be redirected to another monitoring station, this means less chance of loss of signals X4. This could also mean if there was a major power outage your signals will be redirected if that station has an overflow of alarm signals.

monitoring centres EN large

Courtesy of ADT

You need the monitoring when power outages occur.

On top of monitoring with multiple stations we always provide backup batteries for your alarm control panel!

The same stations that monitor your system through Chase Security Monitor Large banks and even government facilities such as the Canadian Armed Forced.

Yes that’s true and this is why where not the rock bottom prices in monitoring, what's the point of monitoring if it's unstable and no redundancy. Canadian armed forces, major banks and major retail stores all like to save money right? Even 5 dollars per month on monitoring over 1000 stores over one year that’s 60 000 a year. The larger contracts being monitored know the few dollar per month is not worth it when short cuts are being made. Short cuts like lack of service or unprofessional operators.

We have and striver on professionalism.

Five Diamond Certification:

monitor center

Courtesy of ADT

Chase uses monitoring stations that have earned the Five Diamond Certification from The Monitoring Association (TMA, formerly known as the Central Station Alarm Association), one of the most important governing bodies in the alarm industry. This means our central station operators, who are the first line of defense in emergency response, undergo regular professional training and maintain high performance levels in alarm response handling.

Underwriter Laboratories Certification (ULC):

Chase also uses monitoring stations which are ULC certified and comply to strict national standards regarding security system installation and alarm response handling.




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